Fairbanks Youth Orchestras

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Sign up for the Spring Recital! Saturday, April 7th at 2:00 pm at the Pioneer Home.

Pianist:Evita Maniatopoulou

Please contact Evita directly to provide music and rehearse.


About Us

The Fairbanks Youth Orchestras was started by Gordon Wright and Inga-Lisa Wright in 1970 with 18 string players. Read more about the early FYO on our history page.The Fairbanks Youth Orchestras (FYO) is a non-profit organization under the auspices of the Fairbanks Symphony Association. Four youth ensembles make up the Fairbanks Youth Orchestras: Wind Ensemble, String Orchestra, Concert Orchestra & Youth Symphony. Rehearsals and final orchestra concerts are on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus, in the Fine Arts Complex.

I love orchestra so much!

Concert Orchestra musician
It's fun and you get to try and play really challenging songs.

Concert Orchestra musician
It is a good opportunity to play good music and a good opportunity to make good friends.

Concert Orchestra musician
It's an orchestra that really hones your abilities as a musician and helps you play harder music.

String Orchestra musician
It's so stinking cool!

Youth Symphony musician
The conductor's humor makes the early morning rehearsals fun.

Youth Symphony musician
I love this orchestra!

String Orchestra musician
Symphony practice is the best part of my week.

Youth Symphony musician
The concerts are fun, and it feels like you achieved something.

Violinist, Concert Orchestra
It's a great tool to help you become a better musician, exposes you to more music, and there are really great players to use as role models.

Clarinetist, Youth Symphony
It is so much fun! Also I learn about music and can play cool pieces.

Flutist, Youth Symphony
When I first auditioned I felt very nervous. I also thought it was going to be very hard, but it went smooth because I practiced.

Violinist, Youth Symphony
Being in this program is fun.

Cellist, Concert Orchestra
When I first auditioned I felt nervous but confident. I had practiced it a lot and was ready for the audition. I was nervous about the sight-reading part, though.

Violinist, String Orchestra
I like playing with the orchestra because it is very good music and it makes me practice more.

Cellist, Youth Symphony
It was really amazing to travel to Europe and have host families, see castles, and play with different youth orchestras around the world.

Violinist, Youth Symphony

Fairbanks Weather

No rehearsal if at 8 AM Saturday morning the temperature is -40 F or colder.




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