Register Online for 2019 Spring Semester

Auditions for new students of the String Orchestra and Concert Orchestra will take place at the UAF Music Building on January 12th, directly following rehearsal.  Please sit in on the rehearsal of your choice and plan to audition directly afterwards (according to instructions below).

Youth Symphony Auditions will take place the week of January 14th, by appointment with Dr. Hall.  If you are a current member of Concert Orchestra hoping to move to Youth Symphony, participate in your Concert Orchestra rehearsal on January 12th, pending your audition with Dr. Hall the following week.  If you are a new member to FYO, you may sit in with the Youth Symphony rehearsal on the 12th (9:30am to 12:00pm) with a plan to audition the following week. 

Register/Pay Online for FYO:

Tuition for the 2019 Spring Semester is $150, payable online, or at your first rehearsal.  The fee goes up to $170 if paid late. If you aren't accepted into the program, your fee will be refunded.

Pay Online by clicking on our registration links below which will redirect you to the Fairbanks Symphony website where you can choose your group, enter information and pay. You can also pay in person at our first rehearsal by check, credit card, or cash.

Pay Online for FYO One Semester

Please let us know if you plan to audition in January.  Contact FYO via email by clicking here to let us know the orchestra group you will audition for and your instrument.  Include any questions you have as well.

Please note: Clicking on our registration links will redirect you to the Fairbanks Symphony website where you will choose your audition time, register, and pay. There are no auditions for Wind Ensemble, just recommendations for skills; however, Wind Ensemble musicians should still use the link below to sign up and pay.

String Orchestra Full Year Registration
Concert Orchestra Full Year Registration
Youth Symphony Full Year Registration

Audition Information
Directions to the UAF Music Department.

If you are unsure which orchestra to sign up for, please see descriptions under orchestras.

Audition Requirements

All groups rehearse on the University of Alaska Fairbanks Campus in the music department. String Orchestra, Concert Orchestra and Youth Symphony meet on Saturday morning, Youth Wind Ensemble meets on Monday evenings. The season runs from September through May. Please direct any questions to